Kushari Rice & Lentils | Freezer

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Wonderfully wholesome and tasty rice and lentil dish, packed full of flavour with nuts, herbs and subtle spices

Small | Serves 2  (as a Side, or Serves 1 as a Main)
Medium | Serves 4  (as a Side, or Serves 2 as a Main)

Dietaries: Vegetarian,  Gluten Free, 

Ingredients: Basmati rice, puy lentils, onion, pistachio nuts, almonds, vegetable stock, oil, butter, sumac, nutmeg, cinnamon, parsley, fresh coriander, salt & pepper

Heating Instructions:

Microwave: Remove contents from container, placing in a glass or ceramic microwaveable bowl.  Cover with a plate or microwaveable clingfilm.  Heat on full power for 1 minute (1-2 serves)  Remove and stir.  Return to the microwave for another 1-2 mins heating if required.  If heating from frozen, start with an initial additional 2 minutes, then continue as above. 


Serving suggestions:
A great accompaniment to Moroccan lamb to feed a crowd, or partnered with Spiced Red Cabbage for a complete vegetarian meal